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Divorce and family separation in Highland Park, MI are painful matters that are often charged with many negative emotions. With the help of Michigan Divorce Attorneys, these two very sensitive topics don’t have destroy relationships. Using proven trial advocacy skills, our attorneys work to find a solution that’s fair for everyone involved.
Our Family Law and Divorce Services Include:
• Divorce in Michigan
• Uncontested & Contested Divorce
• MI Child Custody & Child Support
• MI Spousal Support
•Division of Property in (MI)
•Division of Debt
•Pre-Nuptial Agreements
•Post-Nuptial Agreements
•Post Judgment Modifications 
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Our divorce attorneys answer your questions, assist you in decision-making and work hard to keep you moving toward a successful end result. For your divorce & family law needs, call Divorce Attorneys of Michigan., PLC at 313-982-0010 , toll free at 1-877- 471- 4049 or contact us online.
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An uncontested divorce is one in which the spouses agree to everything – agreeing to get divorce, division of property, the kids, all that..............